Drugs and driving

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It is increasing drug use, not only among young people but generally in the population.

It is well known the harmful effect of these substances on our body but more so when these substances are those that handle our car. Besides risking our lives and the lives of other drivers, we risk fines amounting from 1000 euros to jail.

The danger of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol multiplied by nine the risk of accident, almost 18% of deaths in traffic accidents in 2009 were positive in at least one drug, being the marijuana one of the substances most commonly appears. In US, 57,000 people die each year in accidents involving drugs and alcohol and in Spain, 1,000 deaths per year related to drugs.

Depressant drugs, such as cannabis or alcohol, make an effect on our organism reducing the reactivity, being much easier to make a mistake that causes a traffic accident.

In turn, substances such as cocaine and ecstasy, which are stimulants, cause the person a sense of control and unrealistic security, reducing physical fatigue and sleep, this makes not be able to see the actual state we meet and decide to leave the car and look for a taxi.

Not to mention hallucinogenic drugs, such as fungi, which break with reality and can produce visions, causing unnecessary braking or swerving.

Finally, alcohol, a drug that is more present does not allow us to measure distances correctly, clouds our vision and, like cocaine, gives us a sense of security totally uncertain.

Now, add that many of the people driving under the influence of drugs have also ingested alcohol. We are facing a time bomb.

In short, any drug, whatever its effect, none of them is good for our body and much less if they also will drive.

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