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Before knowing the difference between the two counts of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated, we need to know the similarity is that both are illegal acts committed while driving a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. While on a superficial level it may appear to be similar but in fact in most states in the US the two offenses are classified as independent crimes. And we will see the differences in these offenses…

The first obvious difference is the difference found in the acronym of the terms you may want to consider at this point part; DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol / drug and DWI is another thing that was driving drunk.

Information on the facts in regard to DUI and DWI is that not all states in the US categorizing these crimes so different .; There are some states like Virginia and New Jersey who treat crime as one and some states treat these as separate offenses. In any case, the arresting officer believed they were too impaired to drive.

In some jurisdictions drivers can be arrested on DUI despite the fact that they are legally well below the level of blood alcohol concentration. Therefore, the wise or state jurisdiction in the treatment of both the two offenses differ.

States that differentiate between DUI and DWI is based primarily on the blood alcohol level of the driver and the legal limit is 0.08, anything below this limit will be charged under DUI and DWI 0.08 will be considered. And the punishment for DUI will be lower compared with DWI, which usually leads to license suspension, heavy fine or imprisonment.

On the basis of the jurisdiction or state offenses under drunk driving ranges, and with the charges and penalties also differ; ranging from the cancellation of the driver and risqué; s license huge fines or even jail term. So consult an experienced DUI / DWI lawyer will always help to combat the situation efficiently.

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