Deleting your DUI in Maryland

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Determine whether you are eligible to file. In Maryland, you can have at least three years from the time of parole or full word or are released from prison for DUI – and after all the court fees and fines, restitution or community service are paid or terminated.

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor, you may have one year from the time he was sentenced.

You are eligible to apply at least two years from the time a grand jury does not indict you and the jury report of “no bill” was returned.

At any time after it is found not guilty and his case was thrown out, with the documentation in the newspaper of the court, you can request that your DUI expunged.


Find out the cost of the presentation. According in Maryland, the cost ranges from $ 50 to $ 80. However, if you qualify for low-income status in the state, may file an affidavit of poverty.

Contact your local courthouse and ask for the county division that handles DUI expunge to ask about the cost in their jurisdiction.


Consider whether you need to hire a DUI lawyer. Not everyone in Maryland posing for a cancellation grants.

According to attorney Michael Richmond, after a DUI arrest is normal to feel overwhelmed and take on the popular belief that nothing can be done is true. “Many people do not even try to get your DUI erased. It is best to talk to a lawyer because every detention is unique.”


A DUI – driving under the Influence – conviction can wreak havoc on your life. A DUI on their surfaces Maryland driving record when you apply for most jobs or mortgages. Imperfection many business owners and bankers penalize you for as long as it’s on your record.

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