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Hello Fellow Lions! International President Joe Preston wants us to “Strengthen the Pride” by bringing the 1.35 million members of our Lion’s family closer together by working in a spirit of cooperation and understanding. I would like to help you with the tools to do that.

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District A9 Lions
Governor's Project

Cycle Recycle

cycle bikes

Governor Hank’s goal is to recycle 500 used bicycles and ship them to a country where they can help people become independent and improve their lives and communities. We are asking clubs to hold one or two collections in their town for used bikes as well as searching out usable bicycles that have been abandoned. Just 10 bicycles from each club and we have our goal. This project fits perfectly with Environmental and Recycling projects that Lions have been promoting to reduce waste.
If you would like to participate in this exciting project, please email Lion Susan Novak at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to become your club representative for CYCLERECYCLE.
Start of our collection even before the project was announced!

The Great Lions Challenge.

Invest in your Future
Lions of the World have just learned there is a new player in the world of Banking, the “Bank of Hank”. Its membership is exclusive to District A-9 Lions. This Bank will offer suggestions and products to look after all of your Lions needs. Of special interest is the product called your “Emotional Bank Account”. This, I believe, is by far the most important of our products and helps you to build and retain strong relationships with your family, your Lions Club and your friends. Basically all acts of kindness, sincerity, commitment and loyalty become strong deposits into your personal account. These deposits are protection against times when things fall off the rails, through confusion, anger or frustration. You must keep the deposit side of the account full to weather those withdrawals. More to come on how we will do that!bank hank
The goals of the “Bank of Hank” are fairly simple:
1) Strengthen the Membership of our District
2) Strengthen the Pride in our members
3) Strengthen the Service in our District
I take this opportunity to thank all of you in advance for your dedication to Lions. It is important that you invest in your future. Together we will make a difference.




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